US Immigrations - Illegal immigration - Some american citizens attiute and other observations

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Yesterday I attended a Monthly Luncheon of a Group made-up of primarily Roman Catholic Lawyers and Judges (and 1 Hearing Aid Dispenser) entitled: St.Thomas More Society of Orange County.

I listened to a Presentation by Mr. John C. Hueston, an Attorney, who while serving as an Assistant U.S Attorney, was selected as the Lead Prosecutor in the Trial of Ken Lay and Jeffrey Skilling, Officers of the Enron Corporation.

He described his experiences in the Preparation and Prosecution of that Case, and his Personal Journey.

It was a very moving Testimony to His Faith.

The Best Presentation I have ever heard.

After his Presentation, I had the opportunity of meeting him, listened further to what he had to say, and asked him one question.

By his Demeanor and Personality, you would never know he obviously had been a very successful Prosecutor for over 12 Years.

He is now in Private Practice in Newport Beach,Ca.

In a separate conversation with an Attorney, also in Private Practice, somehow the conversation drifted from the Topic of "The top 1% of American Income Earners in the United States, paying almost 40% of the total of the Personal Income Tax Revenue of the United States" as being inequitable, to the Affects of Illegal Immigration on the United States Economy.

Although the Man is an Attorney, he does not Practice Immigration Law, or seem to know many facts regarding the impact of Illegal Immigration on the United States and It's Taxpayers.

He seems to think that although Illegals don't file Income Tax Returns, that they do pay Income Tax, and more importantly other Taxes, such as Property Taxes,State and City Sales Taxes,and Federal Excise Taxes,etc, that grouped together actually more than offset the EXPENSES OF THE PRESENCE OF ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION.

He obviously is not aware, that most of the Income Earned by Illegals if "Off the books" or "Under the table" as they say.

Even those that receive a Paper Trail Check, are Classified as Independent Contractors, which allows no Taxes of any type, or Social Security Witholdings to be made.

Those Illegals that create, or otherwise secure, a False or Invalid (Someone Elses number) Social Security Number, are ALL clever enough to claim enough Dependents, so that no Income Tax Witholdings, are made.

All those who can, and have the Guts, where Social Security Witholdings have been made, Do File Income Tax Returns, but for the Purpose of Receiving Earned Income Tax Refunds.

They are Clever enough, to even Issue a 1099 to their Neighbors or Friends, with a fictious amount, reflecting that they paid for Personal Services such as Day Care, so the Recipient of the 1099 when filing their Personal Income Tax Return, can show some supposed Earned Income, in Any Amount, and thus be Eligible for up to a $4,500 Refund Check, even though they paid no Income Tax and had None Witheld.

All of this accomplished by, as this Attorney claimed," Illegals are only People here to work at jobs Americans won't do".

And "Now that there are over 12 Million Illegals in this Country, there is nothing we can do".

His position sounded like it came right out of the Playbook of most Politicians.

What surprised me most, was not the lack of factual information this Attorney had on the Subject, or even his Attitude or Positions regarding the Illegal Immigrant Problem, but his casual regarding the facts that Illegals violate every Law they choose, from first Entering the United States against it's Laws and Policies, by committing Perjury and Felonies in securing and using False Social Security Numbers,Drivers License, and any other Document they need to secure whatever it is they want, either in Servivces, Products, or Benefits.

The Attorney evidently isn't aware that you have to own Real Property, real estate, in order to pay Property Taxes, which for the most part, is what Funds and Pays for SCHOOLS,.

Illegal Immigrants do not own Real Estate, in any Form, and consequently don't pay Property Taxes.

Their Children, in a tremendous number of School Districts, such as Los Angeles, dominate the Population of those Districts and Individual Schools.

With an Illegal Population consisting of One and a Half Million Children Born Outside of the United States, and the Three Million Children born to Illegal Immigrants (who only came to the U.S to work?) Pew Hispanic numbers, not mine, AND AT A COST OF $10,000 PER STUDENT PER YEAR,at least in California, thats 50 BILLION DOLLARS PER YEAR,not counting the FREE BREAKFAST AND LUNCH PROGRAMS, OR THE FREE MEDICAL BENEFITS, INCLUDING DENTAL, AND THE FOOD STAMPS, AND HOUSING, AND TANF (FORMERLY AID TO FAMILIES WITH DEPENDENT CHILDREN) does this Attorney think the Illegals are covering their Costs with any type of Taxes they have to pay, such as Sales Tax or Gas Taxesd?

The Fact that Everything about Illegals, is ILLEGAL, didn't seem to bother this Attorney.

Its interesting to me, that while the Former Assistant Attorney General spoke about, and kept mentioning in his presentation, the phrase: MORAL COMPASS, what that meant, and means, DOES NOT, AND WILL NEVER, BE IN THE LEXICON OF ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS.





Couldn't have said it better myself .This is in response to

the post on 11/22/07 .

Wonder what we are going to do when

obama implements his illegal immigration laws and leaves office ?

He'll leave it to the next president ( hopefully not hillary ) , to clean up .

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